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Studying Music Business with Andrea Smith from Miss Music Biz has helped me turn my music into a full time profession. I used to be a banana picker, but using the skills that I learnt from Andrea, I have now forged a career as an international recording and performing musician playing sell out concerts across Australia, Japan, USA and the Pacific and am a QLD Music Awards winner and Golden Guitar Award nominee that has my videos played on Country Music Channel. I really recommend young people to take their music to the next level through education with Miss Music Biz.

8Ball Aitken

QLD Music Awards winner, Golden Guitar nominee, Roots Musician

I have nothing but wonderful and positive things to say about Andrea Smith from Miss Music Biz and her passion for the Music Industry. She has no problem wading in to battle for artists and their rights everywhere. She has been instrumental in ensuring that music business education matches up with what is happening every day in the industry and that students are getting the absolute latest news and information. Her long and varied experience in the music industry means that her partners in industry are numerous. She is nothing short of an unstoppable force in the music business education sector.

Tim Price

Director, Pricewar Music

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Why I love working in Music Business

Oriental Rock 1 at The New Globe Theatre   (C) Clare Snare 2014   Last year I co-authored a book with a friend and colleague from my venue management days. Oriental Rock is a collection of band flyers, photographs, anecdotes and more, relating to Brisbane’s...

The value of creativity to the economy

Unlike the seemingly blinkered view of our most recent State and Federal Government, I believe that creative people and their services and product have so much to offer the economy. And hopefully a section of the general public do too given recent election outcomes in...

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About Andrea

Who is Miss Music Biz?

Business is not a dirty word.

In the creative world of music and art, many talented professionals are struggling because they haven’t applied the same passion and tenacity to the business side of their careers as to the creative side.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I help musicians, creatives, and those aspiring to work in music gain the understanding and tools they need to work effectively in the music industry.

Think of me as the key, the wise mentor, the fairy godmother who can draw back the veil and provide a clear path for you with the confidence to move forward, perseverance and motivation to never give up, insights into the closed shop that music business has become, and a way through the gatekeepers.

People often start off making music for fun; I want to show you that you can make the business behind the music equally fun and easy.

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