Sounds obvious huh?

But many people don’t do so, or know how to do so.

I’ve had students that were so lost that pretty much every week they came into class they were wedded to a different genre. Probably depending on who they’d spent the weekend with. I remember one student who would come in on Monday brings and say “Aunt Betty visited and she thinks it would be great if I was a country musician, so I think I’ll try and be country”. Or “My friend Jenny says I have the voice for metal, so I’ll have to learn to write metal songs”.

I kept saying “Just be you”.

Eventually many years later that young man worked out it was a good idea to ‘just be himself’, is writing and recording with a band and will hopefully have some success – doing the very same genre of music that he performed to his teachers when he first started . But it’s been a long road and many years of listening to the ‘advice’ of others and changing styles genres and bands on a regular basis.

Then  there is the whole other story of reality TV music shows – where the artist is forced into a mould.

By writing and playing the music that you really love, you will have an unmistakable passion for that music, your fans will see that passion – and they will be passionate about everything you do.