Accredited Music Business Courses

Accredited courses in Music Business, delivered by Miss Music Biz, in conjunction with Jazz Music Institute.

The music industry today is cluttered with noise; learn how how to stand out from the crowd.

Do you:

  • Write songs or play music and have a desire to work as a professional musician but are not sure how to start?
  • Have a passion for music and would love to work as a band manager, book gigs, work as a publicist, or many of the other exciting jobs in the music industry but haven’t got the skills, contacts or music knowledge to make a go of it?
  • Work as an experienced musician or songwriter that has realized they need to know more about the business of music to progress to the next level?
  • Reside in QueenslandUsing industry scenarios, hands on real life experiences and one to one coaching to build your business, the Miss Music Biz/JMI courses are unique. Instead of just learning about the music industry you will be working with the music industry, managing your own career, projects and events and networking with music industry professionals. You can choose from:
  • CUS30309 Certificate III in Music Business
  • CUS40309 Certificate IV in Music Business
  • CUS50309 Diploma of Music Business

The courses provide practical learning and experience to Queensland’s future music managers and business people.

Music Business Short Courses

Short courses for creative people. Miss Music Biz is currently working on a series of short courses in Business Planning, Copyright and more that will be released later in the year. Sign up to receive notification when the courses are released.

Creative Helpdesk Membership Community

Useful tools, tips, documents and interaction to support creative business. Coming soon.

Music Business Coaching

Helping you to brainstorm ideas and build your business.

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